How to clean your dog's ears

In a healthy dog, it is usually not necessary to clean the ears. Because like human ears, dog ears also have self-cleaning powers. However, it is advisable to check the ears regularly. If it should ever be necessary to clean them, you should always proceed very carefully. Caution: Instead of cleaning your dog's ears yourself, you should go to a veterinarian. - Image: Shutterstock / WilleeCole Photography

Dogs with standing ears not only have fewer problems with their ears - they can also be discovered more quickly. In dogs with floppy ears, the ventilation of the ears is significantly poorer and changes in the skin are also less easy to see. To help you quickly identify mite infestation or inflammatory reactions, you should regularly check your dog's ears.

When is it necessary to clean dog's ears?

Healthy dog ​​ears do not smell, are light pink in color and free of deposits. However, if the ears are red, inflamed or covered with dark ear wax, if they are warm, swollen or even leaked, you should definitely consult a veterinarian.

Papillon: The dog with the butterfly ears

Cleaning dog ears yourself?

Even though there are many tips for cleaning dog's ears on the Internet, it is generally not recommended to clean the animal's ears yourself. Why? Healthy ears don't need cleaning anyway. If you do so, you run the risk of switching off the self-cleaning powers of the ears and making them susceptible to inflammation.

And you should not treat sick ears yourself. In particular, the use of ear sticks is strongly discouraged. If the sticks are inserted too deeply into the ear canal, there is a risk that you will injure the deep, sensitive inner ear. In addition, it can happen that germs get deeper into the ear and cause bad inflammation there. If you discover that your dog's ears are dirty, you should always consult a veterinarian. He knows exactly what will help your four-legged friend and which preparations are suitable for cleaning.