Tom Maru occupies trash cans

Cat Maru proves once again that he has two passions: hide and seek and plastic boxes. In this video he is taken with a transparent trash can and of course the cheeky velvet paw has to take a closer look at it immediately.

"What kind of strange thing is that? I have to inspect it!", Tomcat Maru thinks in this short film when he discovers a trash can. Daring, as always, the cat flips up the lid of the container and slips into the bucket. A short time later, Maru, with the lid on his head, looks out of his new hiding place - and then makes himself comfortable in his new box.

While Maru relaxes in the trash can, his playmate Hana comes over and inspects the item. However, she does not stay there for long and does not realize that her buddy Maru is in it. From now on, the cat should have found a place to hide and be alone.

Ten reasons why you have to love Maru

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