Designing a garden: cats are happy about that

If you design your garden nicely and cat-friendly, you will give your room tigers great pleasure. Just when you have your green space Romping in high grass: Cats have fun! - Image: Shutterstock / Mel nik

want to fence in, a few varied design elements are a great idea to avoid boredom.

After you have designed your garden to be cat-proof and possibly fenced in, fun, employment and variety are on the program. Of course, the focus is on the needs of your pet.

Places to play and hide

Cats love to sneak up, run, run around and climb. And where is that more fun than outdoors? If you have few trees in your garden or those that are not suitable for climbing, you can also set up scaffolds that are weatherproof and specially made for outdoor use. Many velvet paws also like to use wood piles as a climbing area. Of course, the view from them is particularly beautiful!

Cat houses are also suitable for climbing and can do much more: The four-legged friends can rest in them and hide in wind and weather. A shadow spot for very warm days is also important. The direct midday sun is just as unhealthy for cats as it is for us humans and can be particularly harmful to white cats.

Now it's getting cozy and adventurous

A very simple way to make cats happy is to lay stone slabs that heat up during the day from the sun and are still wonderfully cozy and warm in the evenings. No wonder the four-legged friends love to lie there.

Nice and funny cat toy for balcony and garden

If you want to create a small pond or a fountain for your cat, it should be cat-safe to invite them to drink water and splash around. Tall grass is perfect for sneaking around and romping, and non-toxic plants make kitten's trips to the garden as natural as possible.