Shortly after rescue: kitten is squeaky fool

But in this video the kitten was extremely lucky: an attentive passerby discovered and saved it in the middle of a four-lane, busy street in Shanghai. Just two days later you can see the little cat's relief ...

The cute kitten was eight weeks old when it got into a bad and dangerous situation. After being injured by a car that ran over its tail, it was in shock and could not get off the road. Fortunately, the cat was discovered by a cyclist who could save her and take the little injured animal home.

There it turned out that it had an inflamed eye, was full of fleas, and was in such a state of shock that it could not eat or drink for two days. It was only when the baby cat was fed cat milk with a pipette that she began to feel better. The finder named it Fapiao.

After Fapiao proved shortly afterwards what a playful little velvet paw she was in, she was treated and vaccinated by the veterinarian - meanwhile the sweetness is big and strong and has moved to Amsterdam with her owner. Nice that the story ended so well.

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