Too cute: puppy vs. Hedgehog

"Wow, a hedgehog, that is ... that is ... just INCREDIBLE !!!", this adorable little four-legged friend seems to think. He rolls through the area with joy, barks excitedly and looks at the strange sting animal in between, always fascinated and interested at the same time.

If you watch Corgi puppies like this, you might almost think that life is even more exciting for them than for normal puppies. Because no matter what you rediscover: It is incredibly fascinating for you and a reason to make a fuss about it!

In between, he seems to want to check with his owner that everything is in order, and then approach the hedgehog again with a charming role. Then he even dares to briefly touch the unusual guest with his paw, only to then immediately go back to a safe distance. What do you think the cute puppy will discover next?