Hedgehog houses and hedgehog food for the garden

If you feed hedgehogs or want to set up cozy places to spend the winter in the garden, here are some ideas that will make the spiky little garden residents happy. Help hedgehogs over winter: Tips - Image: Shutterstock / Mr. SUTTIPON YAKHAM

1. Protected place for hibernation: the hedgehog house

For your hibernation, hedgehogs need a protected place where you are safe from cold, wind and weather. The four-legged friends should also be shielded as much as possible from possible dangers such as leaf vacuums, lawnmowers, dogs and cats. A hedgehog house is a good idea for this. Place it on a firm surface, cover it well with leaves and the winter quarters are ready.

2. Hungry hedgehog? You can feed that

If you want to do something good for a hungry hedgehog, you should not feed it with milk, as is often assumed. Milk is intolerable to hedgehogs and can even be dangerous to them. It is best to give the carnivores a high-quality wet food for cats or unseasoned scrambled eggs. Special hedgehog food is also commercially available and optimally tailored to the needs of small prickly animals.

3. For a change: wet food for hedgehogs

As for cats, there is also special wet food for hedgehogs. The menu, which is suitable for feeding all year round, contains balanced ingredients and important nutrients for hedgehogs. You can make gardeners happy, especially in autumn, because when it gets cooler, it becomes more difficult for them to find something to eat.

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