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This is how you can prevent constipation in your cat

Constipation can be very uncomfortable for your cat. With these tips and tricks you can prevent digestive problems. Very important: sufficient fluid and exercise.

Constipation in cats is a common problem that you can prevent with the right measures. If your cat is prone to constipation, there are a few basic tips to consider.

Prevent constipation: plenty of fluids

A lot of movement and a lot of fluids are important. Ideally, your room tiger has free access - so it rages, plays and runs automatically enough. But you can also encourage your cat to exercise more in the home, for example with toys. Even lazy cats should take in enough fluids. If you can't do it in the bowl over water, you'd better give the velvet paw wet rather than dry food. Also make sure that the feed is high in fiber - this stimulates digestion and thus helps prevent constipation.

Tips for healthy cat digestion

If you already know that your cat is prone to constipation and has problems with bowel movements at regular intervals, you can mix it with oil from time to time - about once a week. For this you can use a vegetable oil or add some tuna in oil. In exceptional cases, you can give your four-legged friend a little milk if there are impending problems, as they have a laxative effect and can thus prevent constipation.

Cat mums & kittens

With long-haired cats, the correct care of the fur can be crucial. Regularly cut the hair around the anus short. Otherwise, you run the risk of knotting the hair and getting into the opening, so that the cat can not or only a little droppings.