Bringing puppies from abroad: Requirements

If you spend your vacation abroad, adorable puppies cross your path from time to time - perhaps in a local animal shelter or just on the street. In fact, you would like to give at least one of them a new home. But before you do that, there are a few things you need to consider. "May I join you?": Sweet puppy from abroad - Shutterstock / Wallenrock

The following requirements for bringing puppies from abroad cannot answer all questions for all countries. Since legal regulations can also change continuously, you should always keep yourself up-to-date on security. Consulates can help you as well as the responsible veterinary office.

Puppies need an ID

If you want to take a puppy from one country to another within the EU, the animal needs a valid EU pet passport. So that the young dog can also be clearly identified, it needs a microchip. Its number must be entered in its pet ID. It must also indicate that the puppy has received a rabies vaccination and is still valid. You can of course also get the ID from a veterinarian abroad. For this, however, the relevant permission from the authorities is required.

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Minimum age for small dogs from abroad

If you want to import the puppy from a non-EU country, additional terms and conditions apply. For example, the young dog must be at least seven months old to enter the EU. A blood test can also be arranged to ensure that the puppy is really vaccinated against rabies. Afterwards, you may have to wait up to three months before you can finally bring the little four-legged friend home with you - if he has fulfilled all the requirements.

It is extremely important that you inform yourself about the requirements that puppies have to meet so that you can take them to Germany from abroad. This applies especially to any waiting or quarantine times. If you have not complied with these and still want to introduce your young dog to the Federal Republic, a three-month quarantine for the little four-legged friend can be imposed, which you have to pay for yourself.