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For playing and clawing: scratch carpets for cats

A selection of different scratching furniture offers cats the opportunity to let off steam and keep their claws healthy. Did you know that there are practical additions such as scratch carpets in addition to scratching posts? Scratching carpet for cats to play with and claw sharpening - Image: Shutterstock / Veera

1. Comfortable for the house tiger: a carpet, just for him

Cats have to sharpen their claws and love to extensively whet them while romping. A scratch carpet made of sisal offers the ideal surface and is sure not to tempt your cat to grab normal carpets, furniture or wallpaper.

2. Round carpet made of sisal: guaranteed scratching fun

Made from 100% natural sisal and with a non-slip underside, this round cat rug is a wonderfully inviting cat toy for sharpening claws, playing and sleeping on it for house tigers. Space-saving, robust and inexpensive, it is a nice addition to the cat household.

3. Small mat for scratching and playing

There are a variety of scratching furniture models for cats, including this cute little sisal carpet with a play ball for extra fun while romping. It can be put down or attached to the wall and thanks to its small size and simple design it fits in almost any room.

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