Why your dog stares at you when you are about to eat: 5 reasons

You are out with your dog, he finds a place, positions himself for a heap and ... stares at you? Then you are like many other dog owners. Some four-legged friends keep eye contact with their bipeds while doing their business. But why are they doing this? Yikes, what is Bello looking at me for now? - Shutterstock / pusher

It can make a strange impression and feel embarrassing in a way if your dog stares at you while piling. There are many reasons for this behavior when fecing. In any case, it's not bad, so you don't have to worry.

1. Dog stares out of expectation

Your dog may be staring at you during his business because he expects, or at least hopes, a reward for piling up. In particular, if he has always received a reward as a puppy, if he has put his droppings outside and not inside, he may transfer this memory to every business. Your dog remembers the time when he was house trained and just keeps waiting for a treat for his performance.

2. Dog awaits your blessing

Another way to stare is for the dog to expect a reaction from where it is going. The four-legged friend quasi wants your blessing for the chosen place, which he inaugurates when kiting. Have you in the past perhaps scolded your dog for choosing an unfavorable place for piling? Then he wants to do better now and show this.

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3. Stare for security reasons

Another possible reason for staring while piling is your dog's instinct. Your four-legged friend is staring at you because he is checking whether you are guarding him while he is relieving himself. His ancestors, the wolves, must always be on guard in the wild. This security thought could explain that he is keeping eye contact with you while he is in the stooped and rather defenseless position of piling.

4. Eye contact as a request for privacy

It is also possible that your cold nose must be staring at you when you are throwing up because this is how it asks for privacy. Even a dog appreciates this sometimes during the relief. True to the motto: "May I please?"

5. It can be up to you

Have you checked whether you are perhaps the initiator for eye contact? Maybe you watch your dog walking so much that he just looks back when he piles because he thinks you have a concern.